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Consultant / Technology in Web-Based and Satellite Applications

Thomas Czaszynski

"Expert in the technology of web and satellite-based systems for communications, with diverse experience across multiple industries."


Thomas Czaszynski is an expert in the technology of web and satellite-based systems for communications, with diverse experience across multiple industries. He is a major asset to business leaders, as his understanding of complex and advanced technology allows him to assist, and to empower, senior executives in efficiently and effectively overcoming challenges in such matters. His strong, analytical background and proactive approach to problem-solving, yields insightful findings in web-oriented research, as well as in deciphering, understanding, analyzing, collating, applying, and presenting web-based or satellite-generated data and information. He is highly regarded for his analytical approaches to uncovering, organizing, and presenting complex information in user-friendly, highly-informative, and clear reports or other formats attuned to specific needs or results.

When not consulting on specifc projects, he devotes considerable time to the airline/satcom field, focusing on state-of-the-art improvements to the integration of satellite technology on airplanes to provide inflight wifi. Additionally, he serves as a technical consultant for a major and well- known web-based provider of analytical financial information to investors worldwide, overseeing their technology and platforms, maintaining and enhancing their website, billing, marketing campaigns, and email automations. 

Thomas earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Math from Simon Fraser University, and is currently pursuing an MBA at UCI Paul Merage School of Business. His journey in technology began at the age of 13, when he learned to code in PHP, and he has been passionately developing websites ever since. His professional path includes founding and running a successful digital media marketing company, where he specialized in scaling marketing campaigns and bid optimization. This entrepreneurial venture was a significant part of his twenties and laid a strong foundation for his career, contributing in many ways to his welcome and helpful presence in boardrooms and C-suites of companies a wide range of industries.