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Our Team


Jules G. Radcliff

"A business, government, and trial lawyer experienced in counseling directors, officers, and senior government officials, specialized in crafting solutions to complex business challenges, often where government plays a role in regulation, contracting, or enforcement."

Robert Fairman

"A preeminent member of the legal community, he is one of the most experienced and widely- respected trial lawyers in the nation, with most of his cases in California, generally, and in the Los Angeles area, more frequently. "

Arash Hakakzadeh

"An experienced and respected litigation attorney, he was cited in Los Angeles 2018 Leaders in the Law, “Los Angeles Verdicts,” as among the leading plaintiffs’ lawyers recovering the largest verdicts for their clients in 2017."

Jelani Lawson

"A highly strategic and forward-thinking executive with a proven track record in development and implementation of novel business, legal and political strategies."

Joanna Amador

"Joanna Amador is both a public affairs strategist and a lawyer, making her an invaluable asset in matters where business and government so often intersect and collide."

Alex Vandenberg

"Alex Vandenberg is equally at home in the courtroom and in the boardroom, his law practice encompassing both litigation and corporate transactional matters."


Consultant / Government Relations and Strategies

Rev. Mac Shorty

"Well known and respected among government and community leaders across the U.S. He is an effective communicator with elected officials in the Congress, in state legislatures, and in local governments."

Consultant / Media Relations and Messaging

Susan Campos

"Nationally known and respected media consultant to businesses, government entities, and well-known celebrities in entertainment and politics."

Consultant / Technology in Web-Based and Satellite Applications

Thomas Czaszynski

"Expert in the technology of web and satellite-based systems for communications, with diverse experience across multiple industries."

Consultant / Cybersecurity and Countermeasures

John Sanders

"Uniquely-qualified as an expert to advise business boards of directors, C-suite executives, and government officials on critical applications of state-of-the-art cybersecurity technology, practices, and countermeasures."

Consultant / IT Technology and Advanced Application Techniques

Baron Wolt

"Well known for his skills in assisting boards of directors, C-suite executives, and government officials, in assuring business continuity, network security, and in minimizing disruption on software systems, on automated systems, and on IOT systems."

Consultant / Advanced Technology and DoD Acquisition

John Robusto

"Former, career government official, serving as an Intelligence, Engineering, and Acquisition professional. He has deep experience in assisting senior business leaders and owners in evaluating the market for, and use of, advanced technologies in federal government applications"